Zbrush vs 3d coat

I know i'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but i recently took up doing some 3d sculpting.

Other than really needing a super powerful computer to run at full bore. 3d coat videos: @sigor zbrush videos: @rectro feel free to include your opinion in the comment section. Hi, i've tried both zbrush and 3d coat both whilst trying to learn to sculpt. Oct 19,  · he seems to use 3d-coat only for painting lol i have had so hard times trying to explain to people that in 3d-coat you have it almost all (except for rig. I'm assuming 3d coat because i assume zbrush is more of a sculpting tool?

Here's what i've gathered about them: 3d coat is cost half as much, and seem to have much.

Jun 07,  · i thinking of buying zbrush or 3d coat, i can't affor both right now. For one thing, i've never really tried to sculpt new geometry in 3d coat. I certainly agree with you regarding 3d-coat amateur version vs zbrush core.

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